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DK Outsource offers construction estimating software training in Singapore. To discuss on-site training, please contact us at

 “Good Training Learned right procedures and useful features.” - LS Koh, Contact Manager, H P Construction & Engineering

“a good software for taking off the Qty.” - YC Ong, Quantity Surveyor, Samwoh Corporation

“Training session is ‘fun’ and we do learn a lot from Aaron. Hope that this software can be a great help to us.” - June Chong, Contact Manager, Actus Builders

“Interesting & compact training – Good trainer” - EL Chew, Quantity Surveyor, Actus Builders

“Training course is detail and well organised. Overall is good and fruitful.” - Rachel Oh, Quantity Surveyor, Actus Builders

“Very Good!” - Zosa, Czarina Susan Paligutan, Quantity Surveyor, GTMS Construction

“Very helpful for my work.” - Jonathan Lee, Sr. Quantity Surveyor, Hitachi, Ltd

“This training is very good for me. Appreciate it. Thanks you.” - Jade Ting, Quantity Surveyor, Hitachi, Ltd

“It’s really interesting & user friendly programme.” - CK Oh, Sr. Quantity Surveyor, Penta Ocean

“Clear explaination” - FT Chong, Sr. Quantity Surveyor, Swee Builders

“Interesting software: The trainer is well-prepared and have knowledge of software. He is very helpful and will answer all the questions.” - HF Kee, Quantity Surveyor, Swee Builders