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Sigma Estimates

At Sigma Estimates we believe there is a better way to do construction cost estimating. That’s why we built an estimating software built for and by professional estimators. Our mission is simple, we want to improve efficiency and accuracy for construction companies who are estimating.

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What’s New

2D Integration with Planswift

Takeoff with Sigma and PlanSwift gives you a real-time link between the 2D plans and the estimate. No more export to spreadsheets and being unsure if all the quantities were updated correctly after changes were done in the drawings.

3D & 5D Integration with Autodesk Revit

Connect Cost Data To Design for Smart Field Execution and Management

Cost Library Integration

Maintain a central cost library, import your existing Excel rates or create your own!

Why Sigma Estimates?

Our estimating software feels like you are working in Excel, but without the liabilities. You can save an estimate as a template or a cost library, drag-and-drop to restructure your estimate, create custom fields and sort, customize your reports and easily share your work.

Expert Advice & Learning

Expert Advice

Looks & Feels like Excel

Don’t stress about learning another system. If you know Excel, you know Sigma Estimates. Our software feels like Excel, with made-for-estimator features like smart search, unlimited custom fields, validation, Insight Views, and more.

Expert Advice

Estimate the Way You Build

Our software adapts to your workflow and can handle all projects – no matter what size or type. Simply, formulate your estimate in the same way you would build it and you’ll maintain an overview of your project.

Expert Advice

Reduce Estimating Errors

One of our most popular tools is the drag and drop feature, a tool designed to allow you easily move items from previous projects price databases or from your subs. Thus eliminating manual entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Expert Advice

Use Historical Information

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Sigma makes it easy to move items from your database to your estimate, and vice versa. Simply reuse previous bid items or your custom libraries to improve accuracy using historical info.

Expert Advice

User-Friendly System

Simply put, we developed an easy-to-use software. Our system looks and feels like Excel, but with enhanced features to easily import data, broken formulas blocker, the ability to reuse previous libraries, and more.

Expert Advice

Low-Effort to Try

We offer a free trial plus a personalized demo where a system expert will assist with your personalized system setup including with your own cost libraries, processes and more. So you can effortlessly try our estimating.