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Planswift - Training

PlanSwift®, a Textura® Company, is the world’s fastest growing developer and distributor of digital estimating and takeoff software for the construction industry. PlanSwift software is specifically designed for, but not limited to the construction industry. Planswift, for the last 6 years, has been providing cutting edge tools utilized by contractors and estimators to easily and efficiently perform material takeoffs and estimate material quantities.

More than 40,000 industry professionals, in over 60 countries, use PlanSwift to help them complete more precise and accurate bids every day. 

Why Planswift?


DK conducts introductory & advanced Planswift Training, both onsite & at our office.

With PlanSwift you will be able to reduce your takeoff time while increasing accuracy of your construction job estimates.

PlanSwift can help you eliminate manual plan takeoffs and drastically reduce the chance on miscalculating materials or missing items. You can download electronic plans right from the plan room or import plans using industry standard formats. It’s time to put away those rulers and highlighters, automate your estimating today!

Some functions of Planswift include:

• Measurement Tools (Area, Perimeter, Count)
• Export to Excel/PDF
• Create powerful custom formulas
• Measurements live link, updates as you change
• Create custom colours for specific trades
• Import images, PDFs & CAD drawings
• Rotate & scale drawings, including scanned files
• Set report captions & titles for sending to clients

To find out more about Planswift & how it can improve your company workflows, contact us at today!

Expert Advice & Learning

Expert Advice

Ready to go

The training equip each participant with confidence to start using the software at work immediately.

Expert Advice

Theory + Practical

Walk the talk with our training catering time for practice sessions.

Expert Advice

DK’s adoption

We are users too!

Expert Advice

Learning Environment

Our dedicated training space ensures conducive environment for learning.

Expert Advice

Training Materials

Available to every trainee upon request.

Expert Advice

Small Trainer: Trainee Ratio

To ensure every trainee is well attended to.