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GEO5 is a software suite, providing solution for majority of geotechnical tasks. Individual programs have the same user interface and communicate with each other, while each program verifies definite structure type.

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What’s New

BIM Export

Learn how GEO5 integrates with BIM!

Introduction to Slope Stability

GEO5 Tutorials

Using Standards and Analysis Settings

GEO5 Tutorials

Why GEO5?

Creating an Output Report

GEO5 is an intuitive software suite designed to solve a large scale of geotechnical engineering problems in a user-friendly graphical environment.

Stability Analysis - Slope stability, rock slopes & MSE walls

Excavation Design - Design & verification of retaining structures, diaphragm and pile walls

Walls & Gabions - Complex design of gravity, cantilever and prefab retaining walls

Shallow Foundations - Bearing capacity and settlement of spread footing, strip footing and slabs

Deep Foundations - Bearing capacity and settlement of piles and pile groups

Settlement Analysis - Analysis of settlement and consolidation of foundation soil

Tunnels & Shafts - Analysis of tunnels, underground structures, and vertical shafts

Geological Survey - Terrain and subsoil modeling based on geological surveys

Field Tests - Analysis of structures based on field tests (SPT, CPT, DMT, PMT)

Key Features

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Each program solves one structure type

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Active graphical input with 2D/ 3D visualization

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Easy exchange of data between programs

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BIM Support

IFC, LandXML export

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Supports large numbers of standards and codes

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Import Flexibility

Universal TXT, XLSX, DXF imports