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3D Architect Home Designer

Eleco Software Limited, develops & supports a range of 3D BIM & CAD applications suitable for all levels and aspects of architectural design and visualisation. Eleco Software Limited is subsidiary of Elecosoft plc. Elecosoft provides integrated software and associated services to the worldwide architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industries.

Elecosoft construction software covers major aspects of construction projects from the initial 3D design, project management, scheduling, and estimation of which our core offering delivers 5D BIM. Elecosoft has also developed an expanding range of specialist timber engineering software solutions.

The increasingly close collaboration between them enables the firm to accelerate the development process and facilitates the incorporation of major drivers of change into our software offering.

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What’s New


Why 3D Architect Home Designer?

Quick Overview

3D Architect home design software has been specially developed for users with no previous CAD experience. Easy to use, with a drag-and-drop environment but with a powerful and flexible range of options to suit all designs.

The 3D Architect Home Designer is an ideal entry point into home design software. A simple solution for those wanting to visualise home improvements, an extension project or loft conversion for example. 3D Architect Home Designer will enable you to easily draw your building and visualise it in a detailed 3D model

Key Features

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Large Database

3D Architect has a large database of construction elements at your disposal & convenience

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In-line measurement

In-line measurements for making direct changes around selected elements in both 2D and 3D

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3D Printing

Supports 3D printing capabilities

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Realistic Walkthroughs

Create 3D walkthroughs for your presentations

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Real-time renders

Live real-time rendering with lighting, shadows and reflections

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2D to 3D in an instant

With two distinct workspaces, you can quickly and accurately design floor plans in our 2D construction mode and check the results instantly in the 3D model in design mode.