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How do I backup my databases and custom content?

On occasion, you may need to uninstall or re-install your Arcon Evo or 3D Architect software. This is most commonly needed in the event of an update or patch which requires a full installation. In such circumstances we recommend that you take a backup of all of your own content (projects, custom settings, objects textures etc.)

Initially, make sure that all of your projects are saved in a folder outside the installation path. Normally for most users you should be saving your files in 'Documents' or similar (within your own file structure). If you do save your files into your Arcon/3D Architect program folder, make sure you copy them elsewhere before the uninstall.

The rest of your personal content will be saved in the relevant database. This will include any saved wall structures/doors/windows as well as lighting scenes, textures and objects. Before uninstalling you need to make sure you backup and copy these files to a safe location. All of the files you need to save will be located in the following folder:


Substitute YOUR USERNAME with the name which you login to your computer with and YOUR SOFTWARE with the version of Arcon/3D Architect you are using. Now copy the entire folder and it's contents to somewhere safe on your computer. Once you have completed the uninstall/re-install simply copy your folder back to the above location.