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Can I transfer my licence to a new computer?

Yes you can move the installation to new computer and there is a de-activation process to enable this; however you cannot install on both computers at the same time with the standard single license serial number. If you need to add the software to multiple machines, there are a number of options available which vary depending on the intended use, number of additional machines and the version you are running.

Elecosoft's strict copy protection system ensures that the software is not illegally sold, copied or redistributed. Without this protection they would no longer be able to produce a quality product. This also prevents the transfer of the license to another person by selling the software after it has been used.

As a part of this system, all Elecosoft software is sold under the terms and conditions specified in the license agreement, to which a user agrees prior to installation. The license agreement clearly defines that each product sold may only be activated on a single (1) machine at any one time. Accordingly, the software protection system will not allow multiple installations of the same software. Furthermore the pricing of the software has been calculated on the basis of a single user license.