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Learning About Bluebeam Studio


In this article you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Bluebeam Studio.

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Do I need an account to join a Studio Session or Project?

Yes, an account can be quickly created in either Revu or Revu iPad by entering an email address and password.

What do I need to start a Studio Session or Project?

  1. A licensed copy or fully-functional trial of Bluebeam Revu (version 8.5 or above for Sessions, version 10 or above for Projects), or Bluebeam Revu iPad
  2. A valid email address so you can create your free Bluebeam Studio account, using either Revu or Revu iPad
  3. A broadband Internet connection

As the host, you’ll start Sessions or Projects, add documents, invite attendees, and define the security and permissions (such as the ability to save or print PDF files). With this, you’ll be the only person with the ability to generate a report of activity in the Record, or finish the Session.

If you’re using Revu iPad, please go to the Revu iPad Resources page to look at the video tutorial about Starting a Studio Session , and the Revu iPad Help Guide.

Note: New features and functionality have been added for setting Studio Permissions in Revu 2015 and above.

The host doesn’t need to be in the active Session or Project when invited attendees login and add markups.

What do I need in order to join a Studio Session or Project?

  • An installation of Bluebeam Revu or Vu (version 8.5 or above for a Session, or version 10 or above for a Project), or Revu or Vu for iPad.

Unless you’re planning on using Revu for iPad, you don’t have to purchase Revu to participate in a Studio Session or Project. You can use a trial installation, or our free PDF viewer called Bluebeam Vu for Windows or iPad.

  • A valid email address so you can create your free Bluebeam Studio account, using either Revu or Revu iPad.

You’ll need this account so the host can authorize your participation in the Session or Project, and so other attendees can identify you.

  • A broadband Internet connection so you can connect to the Studio server.

Note: Depending on your company’s network policies; you may need to open ports in your firewall or proxy server if you’re unable to connect to the Bluebeam Studio server.

If you’re using Revu or Vu, you can find more information about joining Studio Sessions and Projects in the Revu Manual.

iPad users should take a look at the Help Guides for Revu and Vu iPad as well as the video tutorials about Studio Sessions and Projects , which can be found on our Revu iPad Resources page.

What’s the maximum number of users that can join a Studio Session or Project?

Studio Sessions can accommodate up to 500 attendees, while an unlimited number of people can be invited to, and attend Projects.

What is the maximum file size for Studio Sessions or Projects?

Up to 5,000 PDF documents can be uploaded in a Session and each PDF file can be up to 1 GB in size. However there aren’t any quantity or size limits for Projects.

What’s the maximum size of markups that can be added to a PDF in a Studio Session or Project?

In a Session, each markup can be up to 10 MB in size, but there isn’t a limit for markup sizes in Studio Projects.

How do I add and remove PDF files from an active Session or Project?

In general, only the host can add or remove PDF files. However, in Revu 10 and above, the host can give other users permission to upload and manage files.

Revu users can find instructions for adding and removing documents in Studio Sessions and Projects in the Revu Manual.

If you’re using Revu iPad, please go to the Revu iPad Resources page to look at the video tutorials about Starting a Studio Session , working in Studio Sessions and Projects , as well as the Revu iPad Help Guide.

How long does a Studio Session or Project remain active on the server?

For Studio Sessions, the following will happen if it’s not being used:

  • After 80 days, a notification email is sent to the Host saying the Session will be archived
  • After 90 days, the Session will be archived
  • After 170 days, the Host will receive another email the Session will be deleted
  • After 180 days, the Session will be deleted permanently. It cannot be recovered at this point.

Note: If the email doesn’t arrive in your inbox, please check your spam or junk email folder, and make sure that is on the approved list of senders.

For Studio Projects

When do users receive Session Expiration notifications? (Revu 2015 and Above)

If you create a Studio Session with an expiration date, expiration notices are sent out at the following intervals leading up to the expiration date:

  • 7 days before
  • 2 days before
  • 24 hours before

A Session Ended email is sent when the Session finally expires, and a Session Renewed notice will be received if it’s renewed (re-opened).

What does the Email Notifications check box do?

When creating a new Session in Bluebeam Studio, you will see a checkbox for Email Notifications in the Start Studio Session options. This option enables a daily summary of Session activity to be emailed to the Session host, as well as an alert to new activity in a Session the host is not currently attending.

When it comes to Studio Projects, you can manage notifications and alerts by going into the Project, clicking Settings, and clicking Manage Notifications on the General page of the Project Settings dialog.

Note: Revu 12.5 and above includes enhancements to the Studio Alerts and Notifications function, designed to make it even easier to keep up with the activities in Sessions and Projects, which you can read about on in another FAQ article.

What does it mean to finish a Session?

By choosing to finish the Session, the host ends the Session and downloads the documents from the Studio server. However, archived copies of the files are retained by the system for 120 days before being permanently deleted.

The Finish Session dialog box allows the host to create the Session Report and select how to save or discard the documents.

What is

This is the Bluebeam Studio web portal, where you can:

  • Manage your Profile
  • Change your Bluebeam Studio password or associated email address
  • View a list of Studio Sessions you have created
  • View a list of attendees for each Session
  • View a list documents within each Session
  • Recover deleted documents
  • Reassign ownership of a Session

Why can’t I log into Studio?

You may not have validated your account. A user will not be able to log into the system if the email address has not been validated within 1 week of creating the account.

Our company’s network policies prohibit access to external services like Bluebeam Studio. How do I block our users from accessing it?

You can close the ports in your firewall or proxy server that are required for Studio connections.

For Revu 12.5 and above

The hosts and port numbers are:

  • *

Note: Revu 12.5 and above are proxy aware so please make sure the “Force proxy use” check box in the Revu Studio Preferences does not have a checkmark in it.

Another thing to consider if your Organization uses Revu 2015.1 or above, is that you can configure a Studio Server Whitelist, and then “push” the registry settings out to the relevant machines. Please contact Bluebeam Support for further information and instructions.

For Revu 10 to 12.1

The hosts and TCP/UDP ports are:

  • *

For Revu 8.5 through 9

The hosts and TCP/UDP ports are: