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My Computer Seems to Perform Slowly After Installing Bluebeam Software


Things to consider if your machine seems slow after installing Bluebeam Revu.

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Bluebeam Revu

In the most basic sense, as long as the system prerequisites are met and your system resources are not overwhelmed, performance of Bluebeam Revu should be on par with most other traditional desktop applications.

Note: While we do quite a bit of rigorous testing of our software in many different configurations, it’s impossible to account for all systems and what other applications that may be running before any Bluebeam software is installed.

Resource consumption is mainly based on what files are loaded into Bluebeam Revu. PDF files with a lot of text, image, and vector data can definitely affect performance when trying to navigate quickly or perform intense rendering processes.

If your computer is running noticeably slower even with any Bluebeam Revu completely shut down, and you are quite certain this only occurred immediately after any Bluebeam software was installed, you may want to try repairing your Microsoft .NET Framework. Bluebeam software relies heavily on the basic structure of this application for many of its features. In instances where correct .NET version wasn’t previously installed, repairing this application via the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool may help improve your performance.