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Can I load more than one drawing at a time with BidScreen XL?

BidScreen XL allows you to load 1 drawing, multiple drawings of the same type as well as all pages of a multiple page document.
In all cases, click on the Load Drawing button or BidScreen/Load Drawing menu item. The Open File Dialog will pop up. Using the Look In box at the top, navigate to the folder containing the drawing(s) to be loaded.
To load a single drawing simply click on the desired drawing to highlight it. The drawing will display to the right hand side of the window. Then click the Open button. The drawing will display on the computer screen, click the green checkmark to Accept the drawing and load it into your Excel workbook.
To load multiple drawings of the same format, click on any drawing with the desired format in the list of drawings. Then click the Files button. This will begin the load process of all files of the same format located inside that folder on your computer. If you wish to see each drawing as it is loaded then select the Accept Multiple Drawings option in BidScreen|Setup.
To load all pages of a multiple page document click the drawing file. The first page of the document will display in the preview window. Then click then the Pages button. This will load all the pages inside the file.
To load only certain pages inside a multiple page document you can scroll through the pages. Select the file and once the preview is displayed, a small window with an up and down arrow will appear under the drawing image. Click the arrows to navigate thru the drawing images or type in the number of the page to jump to. Once the correct page is displayed click the Open button.