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BidScreen XL is added to Excel. Now What?

Instructions to get you up and going are located at Start | Programs | BidScreen XL | BidScreen XL Installation and Use Guide. Click here to view the tutorial online.
In summary...

  • Open Excel workbook and click on BidScreen menu or toolbar. For Excel 2007 or later the BidScreen commands are found at the Add-Ins menu.
  • Load desired file and click the green checkmark to accept.
  • Set Scale by digitizing the beginning and end of a line with a known distance
  • Click on blank cell
  • Select one of the four measurement commands, count, section length, continuous length or area.
  • Beginning clicking on corners with the mouse
  • When done, click the green check mark to record the value in Excel.

Important: items to note:

  • ZOOM - Hold down the Shift key to zoom (Shift + left click zooms in, Shift + right click zooms out)
  • PAN - Ctrl key + drag and drop the mouse with the left button held down moves the drawing when zoomed in.
  • Additional commands are available from the menu, toolbar or by pressing the right mouse button when over the drawing.