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Yas Island - Abu Dhabi, UAE


Client Aldar Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Designer Mony P Mathew Consultancy Shankland Cox Ltd


There are two principle objectives driving the creation of the island development. At a macro level, the intention is to develop a strongly branded high-quality and highly differentiated leisure attraction in Abu Dhabi in order to place Abu Dhabi on the global map of preferred tourism destinations and to attract the regional as well as international tourist market to Abu Dhabi.

At the micro level, the intention is to create a vibrant leisure destination in Abu Dhabi that would be anchored by the Ferrari Concept, a Motor Racing Circuit built to Formula 1 standards, and a Mega retail mall of between 250,000 to 300,000 sq. m., and other core related uses. This destination would offer a host of other facilities, activities, attractions, and events in order to present Abu Dhabi as a complete leisure destination. The development will be unique in terms of its offer and content, and will eventually be capable of attracting  5 - 7 million visitors a year.The fully completed Island development will be a significant extension to the city of Abu Dhabi.

The island of Al Habel Al Abyyad or Yas Island is a new development project of a 2200 hectare site developed by Aldar Properties located adjacent to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.  The development will feature all elements of a modern leisure destination, including a motor racing circuit capable of hosting a Formula 1 race event, theme park, resort hotels, marinas, waterfront restaurants, golf courses, equestrian centre, residential property, beach clubs, exhibition halls, shopping malls and parkland.

The island of Al Habel Al Abyyad or Yas Island is located approximately 10 miles to the east of Abu Dhabi city centre and close to the main highway passing the existing airport. The total area is approximately 2500 hectare. The Island is naturally formed and is surrounded by navigable water. The open ocean of the gulf lies to the north, the Al Raha Beach project lies to the south and canals create a moated edge to the west and east sides of the Island.

The area covered by Zone E Retail Mall Experience is approximately 620000 m2 divided in two phases, phase-1 and phase-1A.

Network Length

In the hydraulic statement networks lengths have been provided as follow:

Corridor 1 - 982.533

Corridor 2 - 808.089

Corridor 3 - 1,197 m

Corridor 6 - 664 m

12d Model was used to map out the drainage network.