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Dobiy MD120 Multi-Functional Wall Detector

Shenzhen dobiy electronic co.,ltd is a comprehensive company which specializes in research,production and sales of laser distance meter. As a high-tech enterprise who possesses independent intellectual rights and invention patents, Dobiy breaks through the international technical barriers with its professional and strong spirit. During 7 years of experimental verification,we proposed creatively and verified the “single sending and single receiving technology for laser distance meter”; ”high frequency phase control system”; and ”intelligent digital FFT time algorithm of punctuation”, successfully solving the defects of the performance of laser distance meter. The products with fast measuring speed and accurate precision are well received by all kinds of customers. Especially the speed of seven times per second makes it to be the leader in the world.

Why MD120?


Maximum probing depth Magnetic metal:120mm Non-magnetic metal: 80mm Charged wire:110-230 volts(in the pass through) 50mm Wood:38mm Switch off instrument with inactivity:after 5 mins Operation temperature:–10 °C~+50 °C Storage temperature:–20 °C~+70 °C Battery type:1x9 volts 6LR61 Operation time:about 5 hours Weight conform to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003:270g Protection class:IP54(Protection against splashed and dust)

Key Features

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Accurate & Reliable

Max probing depth of 120mm

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Multi-Detection Mode

Metal, Wood, Charged Wire

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Buzzer Indication

Adjustable buzzer alarm/silent mode

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LED Display Illumination

Allows for viewing measurements in the sunny/dark conditions

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Handy & Convenient

Weighs just 270g!

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Training Manual Included!

Anyone can learn how to use MD120 quickly and efficiently!