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BuildIT was founded in August 2000.

BuildIT was founded by a group of contractors with a broad range of construction and business experience.

Each had a deep understing that contractors and the people that work in construction:

  • wear too many hats,
  • are constantly pulled in different directions,
  • go to bed at night with the gears still turning,
  • live with way more stress than they need to and,
  • that systems are the ONLY way to better manage, organize, schedule, and communicate.

So, they decided to "put their money where their mouth is" and do something to help solve some of the problems faced by contractors and the people that work with them — including sub contractors, clients, and suppliers.

What’s New

Schedule an existing job in BuildIT

Make use of pre-loaded construction document templates

Export your schedules to PDF

Why BuildIT?

BuildIT is an effective and affordable cloud-based software system. It helps contracting businesses shine:
- Organize, access, and share your files online
- Schedule multiple jobs running concurrently
- Communicate information to the right person

BuildIT is licensed on a monthly subscription basis.

Key Features

Expert Advice


use templates to schedule work in seconds (unique to the way you work)

Expert Advice


all information tied to Job names and easily searchable

Expert Advice


e-mail, fax, text message, and share files through the web

Expert Advice


secure web access to all information

Expert Advice


securely store and access files – estimates, proposals, contracts, specs, drawings, photos, and more

Expert Advice


use templates to generate and send all kinds of documents lightning fast