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Why do I have to activate my application on every start-up

Problem Description

Every time I start my Bentley Product I am asked to activate the application.


This problem may arise if you do not have the access rights to write the Activation Key to the computer registries or if you forgot to install the Bentley application as Administrator.

Steps to Resolve 

The first troubleshooting step would be to check and see if you can run LicenseTool.exe as Administrator.
Go to your programs folder ex. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\PowerDraftV8i\PowerDraft, find LicenseTool.exe > Right Click on the file and Select Run As Administrator. 
Now Activate your Bentley Application from the LicenseTool.exe as you would normally. See link below:
The Activation Key should now have been written correctly to the computer registry > Restart the Bentley application and see if you are prompted to Activate the application again. If not the Activation has been successful.