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Why do I encounter an error when moving a license to another computer?

Problem Description

As a non-SELECT user, I am unable to move a license from one computer to another in the same day. I encounter the following error when attempting to check out a license:

[-17014] Checkout Failure: No checkouts remain for [product name]. Another computer has already used it today.


Pooled licensing, the ability to share a license among multiple computers within the same day, is a benefit of the SELECT program. Non-SELECT users can still utilize their products, but a product license can be used on only one computer per day.

Steps to Resolve

To move a license from one computer to another, please perform the following steps:

  1. On the computer currently holding the product license, check in the license via the License Management Tool.
  2. Wait until the next day, specifically after 12:00 AM UTC.
  3. On the computer where you intend to use the product license, check out the license via the License Management Tool.

Please note that the license server permits a license to be checked in and checked out again to the same machine within the same day. This allows a user to correct a license checked out with a wrong version number or expiration date.