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Where do I find my Activation Key?


In order to activate your Bentley program you will need an Activation Key. This guide will show you where to locate your Site Activation Key.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Using your Administrator account login to Bentley website.


2. Use your registred email account and private password to do so.


3. Click on the word Support in the top right corner of the page.


4. At the bottom of the SELECTservices page click on either the Go To Personal Portal or Enterprise Portal.

5. At the bottom of the Personal Portal page click on the option License Management.


   6. This will take you to the License Tool website. Select either Hosted, SELECTserver(s), or Nodelocks.

   Note: Most accounts now have their licenses being Hosted on Bentley's systems so click on the View button here.

7. Here you will be shown your Server Name and Activation Key to license your software.