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Can't Place Wall Error

Problem Description

After some time we experience an exception error on all files when initating either of the two tools with the following message dialog:   ListBox StringLists must have at least one infoField; see item of type 'ListBox', id=341003 from "TFWALL"

Steps to Resolve

The problem was that two new Compound Wall part definitions were made by copying the existing one and renaming the copy.  Except, the user forgot and actually used one of the part definitions in a wall catalog entry before he renamed it in the Part Editor.  Example - User had made a copy of the Compound Part name resulting in EFIS_1 8" Wall with Coping (copy) .

Then, the user renamed the part definition to remove the "(copy)" and change the wall width.  But the user did not go back and change the Wall catalog entry, therefore it had a bogus family/part.  Once the user edited the Wall catalog entry to use an existing family/part the error message about List-Boxes never appeared again.