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About Us

About Us

DK Outsource Pte Ltd was established in 1998. We are focused to deliver value-added services to the members of the building and construction industry in affordable cost and project management. Cost-related services include tender measurements, development of cost estimates, preparation of tender documents, re-measurements and final account finalisation among others. We undertake small scale project from the commencement of construction to the handing over of the completed building projects. Project management services include scheduling, site meetings, sourcing and negotiation among others.

We are resellers of high quality productivity softwares such as CostX (Exactal) and 12d.

CostX enables quantity surveyors and project managers to obtain quantity measurements and develop costs from 2D and 3D drawings in a efficient and effective manner. The software is popular among top QS consulting firms and building contractors.

12d Solutions offer powerful modelling, surveying, and civil engineering functions. 12d is suitable to civil consulting firms as well as large civil engineering firms.

DK is privileged to be associated with Exactal and 12d.

We will continue to strive to deliver value-added products and services in the near future.